Weight Reduction



At last, there are two main ways to lose weight using hypnosis.




First of all there is conventional weight loss treatment which involves finding out your problem foods or intake problems and through powerful hypnotic suggestions we achieve phenomenal results. Can you imagine having those treats you can never stay away from, not bother you anymore? You will feel the change instantly. CALL NOW



The second is the amazing hypnotic Lap Band. (As seen on TV)




Are you one of the people who have tried every diet known to man? Diabetes already here or just around the corner? Here you are again looking for the next miracle?  At last it’s here. The hypnotic lap band places the same restrictions as the real surgery, without the invasion on your body. Not to mention the actual surgery costs up to $18000

Under hypnosis you are subjected to the lap band procedure in your mind.

No pain, no risk of golden staph, a fraction of the price and 100% guaranteed.