Michael S

I would like to say a heart felt THANK YOU to you Nick for finally helping me kick the habit of smoking. I had tried with all sorts, patches, sprays, pills etc. It did still take some work but I can say that I have now been smoke free for 10 months.


Laurie - Concerned Mum

As we discussed schools can be a tough place with all the pressures put on kids today but the hypnotherapy that you gave to Charlie is doing wonders.
Charlie was the sort of kid that would stand on the outside and not get involved because he didn't have the confidence. Well hasn't that changed and now he is actively involved in class as well as the play ground. At the last Parent teacher night, the teachers asked me what had happened as the change is noticeable. Thank you once again and I would recommend your services to anyone.
Laurie B


Jack B

I use to be scared of thunderstorms. (Let me tell you living on the coast there is plenty of them.) If a storm was approaching I would want to be home so I could go to bed and sleep the storm away.Thanks to Nick I don't need to cower in my room anymore to survive a storm. I use the techniques he has given me to brave the storms. I even enjoy watching the lightening now. Thank you so much Nick.